Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the tip of the Iceberg.
This YouTube video ‘Socialnomics 2017′ by Erik Qualman’ expains it better than most.

When people think of social media their first thoughts are usually Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is an ideal place to market within the UK because over 32 million people are on the site (2 Billion worldwide). While many of its users are below 25 years old, 28.5% of the UK audience are actually between 35 and 54. Marketers advertise where their customers are and Facebook is definitely home to millions of potential buyers. But why is Twitter (330 million) and Instagram (over 1 billion users) now mentioned in the same breath as Facebook? Is Twitter really the other great place to market on the social web? What about Linkedin and Google+? It’s all part of the BUZZ!

The knowledge gap between those out of the loop with social media and those purporting to be gurus definitely exists, but it’s not as wide as everyone may think. Should you and your business be up there too? Perhaps, it’s a fantastic way to get the word out, although your only as good as your last post and if that’s more than a week old, then OMG you’ve scored an own goal and your followers (and competitors) will think LMAO!

Let's talk and see what 'great work' social media can do for you.